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Etsy Income Report September 2020

Hey, there my name is Angela and I created this website to help me organize and track my Etsy business progress. I started in mid-August 2020 but I didn’t want to make an income report for that month as it was a tester to see if what I wanted to sell will get any purchases or traction, which it has.

P.s My writing is atrocious. I apologize in advance. It is not my strong suit. Another note I am new and in no way near an expert in analyzing Etsy stats but hopefully, I will get better at it, but for now, I will just lay out my stats.


ETSY Stats for September 2020

Date: 1/9/20 - 30/9/20

**All prices are in AUD

Etsy Sales & Credit - AU$3,088.47 (sum of sales and credits earned includes refunds made).

Printful- $ 466.81

Printify- $194.82

Etsy Fees- $249.41

PROFIT- $412.22

Visits- 4,054


Conversion Rate- 2.4%

Etsy brought in-93%

I brought in 7%

No. listing added-72

Total listings- 81

  • 22 sweatshirts

  • 46 T-shirts

  • 4 Mugs

  • 3 Face Mask

  • 6 Hoodies

No. purchases from:

  • Hoodie- 11

  • Sweatshirt- 29

  • T-shirt- 31

  • Mugs- 2

  • Face mask- 27


Canva $17.99

Place-it $23.55


Quickbook $14

Erank- $14.41

Creative Fabrica $41.84 (will cancel, did not make use of service)

Affinity Photo & Affinity Designer $60

What I learned:

Since this is my first month making an income report, I have nothing to compare to and analyze what worked and what didn't work for my store. I will change up some stuff and edit a few listings to see if it makes an improvement to my stats.

My first month starting this shop and I am relatively happy with the number of sales I got for a new shop. Even though this isn’t my first Etsy shop, the other one was a flop and barely made any sales (only 45 sales in 6 months) despite working hard on it.

What I learned from my old shop and starting this new one is 100% research what people actually want and sell items that have low competition with high search volume or at least with more search volume than the competition. Tapping into passion niches is a huge game-changer, niches that have a good following who are passionate about a topic like a basketball, knitting, gym enthusiasts, and so on makes doing research on your target audience that much easier to do.

In the month of October, I will be pumping out more listing and focus on Pinterest to drive traffic to my store. I will cross-promote my listings using Bitly to other products in my store so visitors can see what else I have to offer that they may want to purchase. I have done this to some of my listings but not to all. I see in my bitly account that some of the links were clicked which is proof to me that they work. In terms of purchases using those links then I wouldn't have a clue.

I have also decided to subscribe to premium on my printify account as I sell enough to make use of the discount on their products. I will report back in my October report if it is worth paying for the subscription.


Goals for September

Since I didn't make create an august income report I will just write my September goals here.

Make 10 sales

Now I know the number of sales my store is capable of making, I can set a higher sales goal for the next month.

Create 30 listing

In total I have 81 listings, I didn't realize how easy it was to pump out lots of listing if you sell a variety of products. One design of mine can be placed in 3 or 4 products so with 10 designs I can get 30-40 listings which is achievable. Since 10 designs are relatively easy for me to make in a day, my next month's goal is to push out 60 listings which require 20 designs on 3 products (T-shirt, Sweatshirt, Hoodie).

Spend min. 3 hours a day working on my store

In general, I have a difficult time with the organization and I procrastinate a lot. I have a full-time job and use it as an excuse to not work on my business when I'm feeling tired or unmotivated. I spend the majority of my time working on the business on Fridays when I have a day off and get the bulk of the stuff done then. Since I do not have a plan on what I do in a day, I would go day by day to see what I feel like doing, whether it be posting new listing or editing existing listings. I know consistency is key and needs to work on planning and management.

Start a Pinterest account and schedule pins according to the tailwind app

I certainly did start a Pinterest account but I didn't put a lot of effort into pushing pins. I am subscribed to the tailwind premium account which should help me with pinning but I only pin other people's pins because I am not a fan of doing this task. There is no way around it though, as Pinterest is an excellent way to drive traffic to Etsy (or so I have read in many blog posts). Perhaps I can find a service or tool to help me create pins without much creative effort. We shall see.


  1. Make 100 sales

  2. Create 60 listings (t-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodies)

  3. Fill up my tailwind account with 1 month worth of pins with 20% my own pins and 80% other peoples pins

  4. Spend 3 hours min. daily working on my Etsy store

  5. List 10 Face Mask

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